McKendric hockey is a brand from Avanci International (est. 1992) specialists in custom made production of leisurewear, sportswear, workwear, merchandise and gifts & premiums.

Avanci made the awesome hockey sportswear for McGregor among which the hockeywear for Real Club de Polo Barcelona, AH&BC, Gooische, HHC, Shinty and Klein Zwitserland. After McGregor stopped sponsoring Avanci supplied these big hockeyclubs for years with their own brand Donaci.


The McKendric brand is launched in 2013 because of the big demand for topquality hockey sportswear that can be re-ordered in small quantities and delivered in time and that is what McKendric promises. Hockeyclubs who understand identity and quality choose for McKendric.

Our slogan is: IDentity is everything.


McKendric has her own designstudio where state of the art designs are created for hockeyclubs worldwide. Mckendric sells those awesome designs also per piece online.


To provide her hockey clubs with top quality hockey sportswear for an amazing price McKendric makes 2 ultra cheap production runs per year.

Order before may 1st means guaranteed delivery before august 1st and ordering before October first means guaranteed delivery before February 1st! Repeat orders are possible per piece! With name and number.


In the rare case of production mistakes that are noticed when unpacking the goods the goods will be replaced.


McKendric advises hockeyclubs to work with a local retailer preferably with hockey experience. The experienced hockey retailer is the place to be for fitting sportswear, testing a stick and or hockeyshoes. A webshop looks easy but is not, members still have to fit at the club


All McKendric hockey sportswear is made from excellent quality fabrics that breathes, cools, wicks sweat away, is quickdry and antipilling and the colorfastness is high so the colors stay strong and bright. One of the best functional fabrics EVER MADE is Xtreme Performance from McKendric. This revolutionary fabric is made from recycled coffeegrounds and is washed with a revolutionary washing that kills the bacterias that make shirts stink So the shirts are UNSTINKABLE! Xtreme Performance has 9 ultra functional characteristics:

* UNSTINKABLE (even after 4 weeks of intensive sports without washing)
* fastdrying (5 x faster than dry-fit)
* breathing (5 x better than dry-fit)
* antibacterial (bacterias don`t get a chance to grow)
* sweat whicking (5 x better than dry-fit)
* UV-resistant (recycled coffeegrounds have a UV resistant function)
* cooling (recycled coffeegrounds have a cooling function)
* comfortable (soft and perfect fit)
* environmentalfriendly (100% gerecycled coffeepads)

Xtreme Performance is 5,00 more expensive per hockey shirt.


McKendric presses your design IN the shirt fabrics via an outstanding technique called dye sublimation. First your design is printed on sublimation paper than the paper is put on the fabrics and lead through an enormous heatpress that presses the print IN the fabrics. The better the ink, paper, press and personell, the better the quality. McKendric uses only the best Italian and Japanese materials and machinery to give you the best possible result.

The biggest advantage from sublimated shirts is the fact that the design is printed IN the fabrics so the prints cannot crack, become pale or even fall of and disappear..


mail us for a custom made offer


Sponsoring by McKendric depends on the amount of members and orderquantity.


McKendric closes contracts for 3 and 5 years.


If you have questions of any kind, pls contact us via info@mckendric.com

With kind regards,

Team McKendric hockey

IDentity is everything